RapidFMS - Freight Management System - Screenshots

About Us

RapidFMS offers freight businesses with Freight IT Solutions and Freight Management Systems that have been designed and developed with a modern look and feel.  Let RapidFMS look after all the IT aspects of your freight / logistics related business.

The Freight Management System itself has many features that can be tailored to your needs. The system is suitable for a whole range of clients ranging from Freight Brokers, Carriers, Wholesalers / Large Retail chains to Small Businesses.

It has been developed for controlling and tracking freight for today and tomorrow and is the latest offering in freight Management Software for today's business requirements.

All features have been developed for ease of use and functionality, offering unique and intuitive options for all users. The system has been developed using the latest technology. If you choose to, you can access your system from anywhere around the world simply by using a Web Browser and an Internet connection.

Why Choose Us?


Our core group has over 40 years experience in the transport industry and has recognised the many changes in the way businesses need to dispatch and label their freight for acceptance by their customers while at the same time being compliant with requirements.


In backing our freight management software we have a wealth of experience in computer hardware, software and network installation, maintenance and support together with web design and publishing. This experience is available as an expanded service from our team.


For most Freight Management System features, you can choose to have multiple instances open at the same time. For example, you can choose to have many consignments open at the same time whilst being able to print your manifests.