RapidFMS - Freight Management System - Capabilities & Features

•   Core features and functionality
•   Mobile Device Compatibility
•   Custom Features and Development
•   Tracking
•   Collaboration
•   Mobility
•   Flexibility
•   Extensibility
•   Longevity
•   e-Trade
•   Future
•   Installation, training & support

•   Unique Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
•   Centralised Data Store
•   Security
•   Performance
•   Mulitplatform
•   B2B / Integration
•   Resourcing
•   Rating
•   Charting
•   Printing
•   Standardised operating platform & hosting

Core features and functionality:

•   Enter consignments and manifesting
•   Generic barcoded labels, connote and driver manifest printing
•   Carrier barcoded labels, connote and driver manifest printing
•   Multiple carriers and services, senders and receivers
•   Very secure - administration, grouping of users and computers
•   All data is easily sorted and searched
•   Multiple device compatibility - PCs, mobiles, tablets, Android and iOS
•   Customising and branding (configuration required)
•   Dangerous goods (configuration required)
•   Transmission of data (configuration required)
•   Email, SMS notification and ASN (configuration required)
•   Interface to host systems (configuration required)
•   Pricing options for multiple carriers (configuration required)
•   Refrigeration (configuration required)
•   Track and trace (configuration required)
•   Statistics, graphing and reports (configuration required)
•   Remote and roaming support

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Unique Multiple Document Interface (MDI):

RapidFMS gives you a rich and unique environment that allows you to work with multiple documents at once. It definitely sets a new benchmark in usability and design.

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Mobile Device Compatibility:

Enter consignments and print labels on the run. RapidFMS is compatible with modern mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets including iPhone and iPad.

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Centralised Data Store:

Your employees can access RapidFMS from anywhere in the world. Let us host the solution for you or you can choose to have it installed on site.

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Custom Features and Development:

Your custom freight solution can be developed and brought to the market quicker. This enables the other benefits to be brought forward sooner as well as lowering costs and reducing the risks of long running projects.

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Unlike many other systems on the market, security for RapidFMS was an integral part of its design. RapidFMS was designed from the start with a full security approach in mind to consider things such as system exploitation and data security.

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Users will wait less. RapidFMS is faster and smarter! Intelligent caching and lower network traffic than your traditional Web App enables high performance even over a 3G / 4G mobile network. Background processing lets larger tasks run without user interruption.

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Your users expect software to run on their device. With out-of-the-box support for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and IOS you will have catered for almost everyone.

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B2B / Integration:

B2B Internet Services as well as in-house software integration facilities are already built into RapidFMS allowing a greater choice in how you can provide your staff and customer services.

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Because of the mainstream technology choices for which RapidFMS is based upon it is easy for you to find those additional development resources as you require.

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RapidFMS can provide your customers with the ability to track their freight* from anywhere, provide them with a means to view system events and even subscribe to carriers so they are notified when key events occur.

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Let your customers find out from RapidFMS what the cost of consignments are from their Carriers and let them decide who to use based on factors such as location, service types and size of delivery. Customer can view their costs over time with RapidFMS' charting system.

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In the modern world with businesses wanting to share data between employees and even remote office locations, RapidFMS allows you to enter and view data as a group, collaborating to help have your freight data entered ready and labelled before the vehicle arrives.

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Charting is available within RapidFMS to provide you with a rich and concise means to view and analyse statistics and KPIs. Charting requirements can be customised to your business needs now and as your business grows.

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No modern freight system would be complete without support for mobile devices. RapidFMS excels in this area providing a full set of rich functionality via your mobile device over a 3G network or Wi-Fi connection.

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You are not tied to any particular look and feel, in fact almost any look and feel can be created with RapidFMS gaining instantly the security, performance and platform independence.

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With its modular design, RapidFMS is easily extensible allowing additional functionality to be added easily as your business grows.

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An important factor of any project often overlooked is the planned lifespan of a project when making technology choices on which to base it. RapidFMS uses current mainstream marketplace technologies, so you should be able to look back in a decade's time with a smile.

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As printing is such an important part of Freight Management the system was designed with flexibility and speed being priorities. You can print efficiently and easily to anywhere in the world, to a printer** connected to the Internet, whether you are using a desktop PC or a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Print to a networked label printer from your Android tablet or iPad. Print your labels, manifests and consignments with ease.

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Trade electronically with your customers and business partners, have custom interfaces developed to integrate into your own in-house systems and more.

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With the investment we have already put into RapidFMS we continually research and invest back into the product providing our customers with regular enhancements, bug fixes and if they ever arise, timely security patches.

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Standardised operating platform & hosting - Easy to get up and running!

RapidFMS gives you a choice second to none of hosting options. Host it on a server or locally on any of the following – Linux, Windows, OSX or even on Android. All information is kept secured in a robust SQL database.

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Installation, training & support:

The RapidFMS team is keen to get you up and running as soon as possible. Professionals with experience in the Freight industry will be working with you during the installation and training and will be available to provide on-going support.

RapidFMS can be web hosted, cloud supported or even locally installed on-site. All information is kept secured in a robust SQL database. We can certainly advise on which installation method would suit your business' needs.

Even though the system itself is user-friendly and easy to use sometimes you just need that little bit of extra assistance. Therefore you have the option of on-site or remote (web) training sessions so you can take full advantage of the RapidFMS system.

RapidFMS also has an active Help Desk that is ready to attend to any of your support requirements. Just give us a call or send us an email and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to give you the support you need.

We use a roaming remote assist support and management application with secure connection over the web for both scheduled and unscheduled situations.

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* Tracking accuracy dependent on Carrier
** Compatible printers, contact us if you require support for your printer today

About Us

RapidFMS offers freight businesses with Freight IT Solutions and Freight Management Systems that have been designed and developed with a modern look and feel.  Let RapidFMS look after all the IT aspects of your freight / logistics related business.

The Freight Management System itself has many features that can be tailored to your needs. The system is suitable for a whole range of clients ranging from Freight Brokers, Carriers, Wholesalers / Large Retail chains to Small Businesses.

It has been developed for controlling and tracking freight for today and tomorrow and is the latest offering in freight Management Software for today's business requirements.

All features have been developed for ease of use and functionality, offering unique and intuitive options for all users. The system has been developed using the latest technology. If you choose to, you can access your system from anywhere around the world simply by using a Web Browser and an Internet connection.

Why Choose Us?


Our core group has over 40 years experience in the transport industry and has recognised the many changes in the way businesses need to dispatch and label their freight for acceptance by their customers while at the same time being compliant with requirements.


In backing our freight management software we have a wealth of experience in computer hardware, software and network installation, maintenance and support together with web design and publishing. This experience is available as an expanded service from our team.


For most Freight Management System features, you can choose to have multiple instances open at the same time. For example, you can choose to have many consignments open at the same time whilst being able to print your manifests.